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iPhone tuning

The iLoveiPhone modding studio has been producing custom iPhones since the first iPhone 2G model in 2008.

Extensive experience and a team of professionals in the field of modding iPhones and other smartphones ensures consistently high quality. Our clients are well-known media personalities, film and television stars, famous athletes and influential politicians, as well as major Russian and foreign companies: Gazprom, Sberbank, Alfabank, Svyaznoy, Rostec, Lukoil, Transneft, Game Insight, QIWI, Bork, Breitling, BMW Motors, Daimler AG and many others.

In the production of the exclusive iPhone, we use premium materials of the highest quality-Italian-made exotic animal leather, German carbon fiber of various weaves, precious wood, steel and precious metals.

It is possible to create almost any model according to the customer's description. Our designers will develop an absolutely unique iPhone design based on your preferences and you will become the owner of an exclusive iPhone model made in a single copy.

The production time of the premium iPhone model is from five to fifteen working days.

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