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Glowing logo with saved Apple logo from 18000₽ 18000 - пример работы
Glowing logo without Apple logo from 25000₽ 25000 - пример работы
Glowing logo with leather covering from 25000₽ 25000 - пример работы
Glowing logo with carbon covering from 25000₽ 25000 - пример работы

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Logo on iPhone

with backlight for incoming call or message
Modding the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro with a glowing customer logo is one of the most unusual corporate gifts in recent years. Also popular is modding with the glowing initials of the owner, the emblem of a sports club or the manufacturer of your favorite car brand.

Unique corporate gifts are always a challenge. How to thank the company's top managers at the end of a successful year? How to make a truly unusual gift? How can I surprise my partners or announce the completeness and thoughtfulness of the company's marketing strategy? Or what to give the boss from the team?

You can, of course, just give employees an iPhone or iPad, but how do you make sure that the employee always remembers from whom and for what he received this gift? The issue of corporate identity in large companies is very important. The ideal solution is a corporate iPhone with a glowing logo. You can engrave the logo on the iPhone or iPad-on the frame or back of the iPhone or iPad case, or you can re-make the back cover of the iPhone with an individual design in a corporate style.

The glowing logo can be applied to the original back glass wall of the iPhone, but in this case, the Apple logo will also remain on the glass. You can replace the original frosted glass with a transparent one specially made for this purpose, and then we can change the main color of the glass to your corporate color or apply any full-color image with a luminous element on it.

We can also make the back wall of leather or carbon fiber and install a glowing logo made of plastic or steel, silver, gold or bronze. The production time of the glowing logo on the iPhone is from one to two working days.

from 2 days
production time

Идеальное решение - корпоративный iPhone со светящимся логотипом. Можно сделать гравировку логотипа на iPhone или iPad - на рамке или задней панели iPhone или корпусе iPad, а можно заново изготовить заднюю крышку iPhone с индивидуальным дизайном в корпоративном стиле.

Светящийся логотип можно нанести на оригинальную заднюю стеклянную стенку iPhone, но в таком случае лого Apple тоже останется на стекле. Можно заменить оригинальное матовое стекло на специально изготовленное для этих целей прозрачное и тогда мы можем изменить основной цвет стекла на ваш корпоративный или нанести любое полноцветное изображение со светящимся элементом на нем.

Так же мы можем изготовить заднюю стенку из кожи или карбона и установить там светящийся логотип, изготовленный из пластика или стали, серебра, золота или бронзы. Срок изготовления светящегося логотипа на iPhone составляет от одного до двух рабочих дней.

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