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Leather covering iPhone 12

we'll make your smartphone unique and spectacular Order Work examples Prices

Premium leather

We use only high-quality python and crocodile leather Order Work examples Prices

Mounting the logo

Over leather from metal or by engraving Order Work examples Prices

Any character

Religious or the emblem of your favorite team Order Work examples Prices

Our works

Large leather with the emblem of the Russian Federation

made on iPhone XS

Leathering Android

well it doesn't look like an iPhone at all

Python leather skin and carbon

made on iPhone 11 Pr

Кожа с инкрустацией эмблемы Ростеха

Кожа мангуста с алюминиевой вставкой

Кожа крокодила и эмблема Bentley

проект реализован на iPhone 7 Plus

Snake leather skin and Hamsa Insert

made on iPhone X

Prices for leather covering

price is relevant for a piece order. in case of batch order - there will be a good discount
Price Work examples
Crocodile leather skin from 17000₽ 17000 - пример работы
Python leather skin from 15000₽ 15000 - пример работы
Iguana leather skin from 15000₽ 15000 - пример работы
Shark leather skin from 18000₽ 18000 - пример работы 18000 - пример работы

Additional elements

Silver characters (per 1 char) 3000₽
Silver Apple 5000₽
Silver screws 5000₽
Gold characters (per 1 char) from 5000₽
Gold Apple 8000₽
Gold screws 10000₽
Silver logo from 10000₽
Gold logo from 15000₽
Decorative plate from 10000₽
Wood insert from 5000₽
Carbon insert from 5000₽

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How we do it

Skin-tight iPhone is quite popular in Moscow, but professional ateliers that can perform skin-tight iPhone can be counted on your fingers. In addition to modding studios, iPhone skin skinning is also done by "craftsmen" from the radio markets - on the Hump you can see similar offers, but the quality of both the skin itself and the work leaves much to be desired. For market workshops, the main thing is to save money and offer the buyer the minimum price. Accordingly, they use the cheapest crocodile, iguana and stingray skin for modding, which is usually brought from Thailand and Latin America directly from crocodile farms. But these farms are not able to produce or paint the skin of a reptile with high quality.

The best dressing in the world takes place far from the habitats of these exotic animals - in northern Italy. The quality of the Italian dressing is incomparable with any analogues. Tough and rough crocodile skin becomes soft and supple. The paint does not lose its color and does not get your hands dirty, which constantly happens in Thai and South American samples. But, Italian leather is sold at prices that are rigidly tied to the euro exchange rate and over the past 2 years, the cost of crocodile skin has more than doubled.

Три кожи фото Слева кайман , в центре матовый крокодил и справа глянцевый крокодил (Италия)

How to choose a leather?

what to pay attention to

You can choose the skin in our workshop, or from the photos sent by our managers on request on whatsapp or telegram. You can also make an advance payment either in our workshop, or by transfer to a card or by paying by bank transfer the invoice issued by us.

The technology of installing the skin on the iPhone is as follows:we remove the glass cover, install a carbon fiber panel instead and cover it with leather. This gives the structure the necessary rigidity and strength.

The deadline for the installation of the skin on the iPhone is from one to two working days.

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